Ufuria Is For The Well Groomed Pet In Rancho Cucamonga

dog grooming in Rancho Cucamonga

This full-service business offers top dog grooming in Rancho Cucamonga.

You surely take great pride in the pet that calls your pet-friendly apartment in Rancho Cucamonga home. You want what is best for them, any that means having them groomed and taken care of, even when you aren’t the one doing it.
, a pet care facility just moments from Waterbrook, provides a variety of great services that will keep your pet’s tail wagging indefinitely.

Ufuria offers a full suite of grooming services, ranging from hair cuts, to nail trims, to ear cleanings, and general bathing. When your pet enters the facility they are taken care of by an extensive and trained staff. They’ll leave the facility happy, healthy and shining from head to toe.

The great thing about Ufuria is it isn’t just a one-stop shop, either. Aside from offering superior grooming services, the location is happy to care for your pets while you are away; whether that means boarding them for a long weekend, or dropping them off daily for a little doggie daycare.

For more information about the service Ufuria offers contact the location directly and speak with a staff member. They can be reached from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. at (909) 481-1144.

Ready to open your home to a pet? Read our blog for more doggie tips for pet owners in Rancho Cucamonga and learn about our pet policy at Waterbrook by calling 877-217-3036 today.

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  1. Jamie says:

    The owners of Ufuria are a TOTAL JOKE! I had a bad experience with the grooming of my dog. Where they quoted one price then charged another, took less than an hour with my dog and didn’t even complete all the service like clipping the nails and trimming the hair between the pads of her feet. On top of that they didn’t even tell me that they didn’t do this. I left and noticed the nails and hair weren’t clipped and went back and the lady working the register said the groomer had already left. So I guess it’s a wham bam type service. No appt was made to come back and have the nails clipped. I explained how disappointed I was in their service and asked to have the owner call me and she said she would have him call me. I waited and waited and didn’t hear back, so I emailed Ufuria describing how I felt and what had happened. The man claiming to be the owner emailed back and said that I could get a refund. I then went in to initially speak with the owner rather than be so informal with an email. And I was told that I couldn’t speak with him that he was busy. I got the refund, then upon walking out of the store I saw the owner going outside so I spoke with him and explained how I felt and why. That they quoted one price then charged another and didn’t even do all the services and didn’t even tell me this. And that nobody had booked me an appt to come back and that the groomer wasn’t there when I dropped my dog off and when I returned to pick my dog up an hour later that the groomer was already gone. And that he was suppose to have called me. He said that his employees said that my dog couldn’t sit or lay down for long periods of time, I told him that info is incorrect and that it’s weird she does with the vet and with other groomers and does at home. He apologized for all of the misunderstandings and asked if I got my refund and he said that he understood everything and that he would like it if I could give them another try in the future.

    Then I called for an hour straight trying to get some information and nobody ever picks up the phone at this establishment. The woman owner calls and takes an immediate attitude with me and asks why I am calling because they don’t want my business. I explained to her that I spoke with the male owner and that’s not what him and I discussed outside of the business that day. She said well that’s how it is and if you want to hear if from him I will put him on. He gets on the phone and says that he doesn’t remember telling me that he wanted me to try them again and that they don’t want my business. I told them that as owners of a business that they are a bunch of crazy nuts and hung up.

    I have never had someone treat me like this. I wasn’t even calling to have grooming done, it was a question about something else.

    I will not EVER enter this establishment at all EVER! Not to buy anything after being treated like this.

    To all my Facebook people please don’t use this business. I will be letting the merchants that use this business to sell their products know what type of people run this business.


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